Booking your hunt:

Give us a call! 731-446-9501 or 731-538-9248

Send us an email at Terry doesn't check his email as often as some people, so expect a day or two to go by before you hear back.

But if you're a little more traditional, we still do our booking by mail as well. Just send a letter to:

    Roberson Brothers Guide Service
    4474 Mt Manual Church Road
    Union City TN 38261 is
owned and operated by:
Roberson Brothers
Waterfowl Guide Services

When booking, please be ready to provide the following information

  1. First Name & Last Name
  2. Address (Street, City, State/Province, Postal/ZIP code, Country)
  3. Phone Number (If outside of the United States, please provide Country calling code.)
  4. Preferred start date:
  5. Preferred end date:
  6. Number of people in your hunting party.

Please keep in mind that it's first come, first serve. Have a backup date in mind in case the blinds are already booked!